exklusives Catering

Exclusive catering

Experience elegance.

An event exclusively for you?

Every event starts with an idea or vision, be it the desire for a special location or a motto that wants to be brought to life.

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kreative kochkurse

Creative cooking

Discover culinary art.

Would you like to enjoy a cooking experience and create various dishes with us?

Treat yourself to a cooking class with Björn Lange.

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privat cooking

Private cooking

Enjoy soulfully.

You're planning an event but don't feel like cooking on your own?

A candlelight dinner for two, a cocktail or dinner, a business lunch or a family event?

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The senses, the gourmandism, the enjoyment.
Eating is a necessity, enjoying an art.

Pure Catering – Find Perfection

Magic moments, where everything is just right. The sensual experience of sight, touch, smell and taste. A coincidence? Mostly, there is more behind it… Pure Catering from Zuruch would like to invite you to take a look at our philosophy, our course of action, our exceptional competence and our goal:

The creation of your perfect moment.

We offer a premium class catering for every occasion you wish us to use our sensitive taste for. If you prefer a more private atmosphere, book one of our personal chefs for private cooking [Personal chef for private cooking] at your home or wherever you want the event to take place. Or, you are fascinated by the art of cooking and would like to improve your skills in a laid-back atmosphere? Learn more about cooking here: Cooking course in Zurich.

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